A Touch of You

Arrange the blocks to design your own unique lamp, then watch the colors of the blocks change to match your personality. An intuitive method of creating colors.


Each block communicates with its surrounding blocks and from that can detect its position within the total design. This way each block will pick an own color depending on its position. Because of the influence of the blocks over each other the whole light manifestation will be subject to the specific design created by the user.

This research project at Intelligent Design is based on a project by the Technical University Eindhoven.


Only a single block has to be plugged into an outlet; this block will wirelessly transfer all necessary electrical energy to its surrounding blocks, which in turn will power the next blocks, and so forth. A single block will power the complete design. There is no need to power each block separately by means of batteries.

Prototype wireless inductive energy transmission

Concept prototype, Technical University Eindhoven